Ours is a non profitable service oriented organization functioning under the able leadership of Sathguru Sree Janardhanan. Babaji Sree Chakra Dhyana Kendra has given birth on July 29, 2007, On Gurupournami Day/ViyasaPournami Day. Mahavathar Babaji’s birthday also coincided with the inauguration of the Dhyana Kendra. Babaji Sree Chakra Dhyana Kendra has since been registered on 24-Jan-2011 under no: 52/2011 named as Babaji Sree Chakra Dhyana Kendra and Charitable Trust.

Sathguru Sree Janardhanan, Our Aacharya ensures that His disciples experience the very purpose of human birth by practicing meticulously and systematically the “Brahma Gnana kriya yoga” of Mahavathar Babaji, one of the most effective tools through which the goal of human life can be achieved. His subjects for study also include Sree Chakra Dhyana, Universal Meditation, Navakraha Dhyana, Ashtanga Yoga of Pathangali Maharishi (Raja Yoga), Surya Kriya, besides simple Yogasanas and Pranayamams that can be practiced based on the physical conditions of each individual. All matters that one needs to know in his/her life time are also brought to light for practice.

Guruji imparts the spiritual knowledge that He acquired for 55 years from various Ashrams and Gurus in India, to every seekers approaching him for guidance, irrespective of caste, status in life, education etc… He teaches “How to attain spiritual enlightenment, real happiness living with the family, with the materialistic worldly affairs, with limited attachment in everything ” and ultimately get “Self Realization” in this birth itself.